WAR BABY ! The US caliber .30 carbine.
WAR BABY ! The US caliber .30 carbine.
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WAR BABY ! The US caliber .30 carbine.

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by Larry L Ruth
Deluxe First Edition, 1992
512 pages, 398 illustrations
A year-long contest amongst America's military and civilian gun designers led to the adoption of a last-minute Winchester entry as "US Carbine, Caliber .30, M1" in October, 1941. From the first trickle of 'Inlands' in June,1942 through to a combined production peak of over 500,000 units per month in December,1943, over six million carbines were manufactured by a total of ten prime contractors, until program termination in 1945.

WAR BABY! is an in-depth account of the carbine's production history, component variations, production methods, subcontractors, and markings. Perhaps most importantly, the INTEGRATION of components among the prime contractors, a process often resorted to during wartime to keep production moving, is addressed in detail; so don't trade off that "incorrect" carbine until you read what Larry Ruth has to say in this book!


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